Most of my clothing does not have a size tag as they are bought from Asia, but I'm generally size Small and they fit me. Freesize typically means S-M. If you want specific measurements before you buy, be sure to ask.

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books: manga

Manga price is negotiable if you buy a lot~ Manga is ONLY sold in the US.
Manga is generally only sold in sets unless you buy the last volumes.
ex. DNAngel 7-9, I will sell it
ex. Tsubasa 2-3, I will sell it
ex. Kare Kano 10, I will not sell it alone
If you don't understand, just ask for the volumes you want, and I'll tell you yes or no. :)
I'm generally asking for about $5/volume but will do better for lot prices

Let me know if you want detailed pictures of a certain set!
But first, here's some general proof that I own these titles. { 1   2   3 }

Manga :
DNAngel volumes 1-9 (Like new condition) $40
Fall in Love Like a Comic COMPLETE SET volumes 1-2 (Like new condition) $10
Full Moon O Sagashite COMPLETE SET volumes 1-7 $33
Hana Kimi volumes 1-2 (New condition, never read) $10
Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs volumes 1-3 (Great condition) $13
Kare Kano volumes 1-15* (Various conditions but all in good condition or better. Different shades for book covers because I've bought from various places) $55
Kitchen Princess COMPLETE SET volumes 1-10 (Like new condition) $45
Metamo Kiss volume 1 (Good condition) $4
Momotte! Mamotte! Lollipop COMPLETE SET volumes 1-7 (Like new condition) $33
Tsubasa: Revoir Chronicle volumes 1-3 (New condition, never read) $14
Tokyo Mew Mew La Mode COMPLETE SET volumes 1-2 (Good condition) $8
Shakugana No Shana volumes 1-2 (Like new condition) $10
Yurara volumes 1-2 (New condition, never read) $10

Last updated: 8.23.14
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rules and information!

welcome to my store!
prices are open for negotiation, so leave an offer if you feel like a price is unreasonable.
thanks for stopping by!

please read over the rules before you post,
i am not responsible for any skipped guidelines.

i do not ship internationally.
payment methods: cash (at your own risk) or paypal (you pay paypal fees)
i do not accept returns unless the wrong item was shipped.
i am not responsible for lost/damaged goods.
serious buyers only. don't be a deadbeat. don't ask if not interested!
prices do not include shipping unless stated.
trade is closed for the time being.
all questions must be asked before confirmation.
these rules can be changed without notice.

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